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Parental Sponsorship- Less than 2 weeks left for 2017

The deadline (Feb 2nd, 12pm) is coming up for entering into the Parental and Grand-parental Sponsorship draw for 2017. If you don't enter this year, you will have to wait another year to enter the lottery.

10,000 applicants (Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents wishing to sponsor) will be selected from the draw to sponsor their loved ones to immigrate to Canada under this program. With each applicant sponsoring 1 or 2 parents or grandparents, that equates to almost 20,000 parents or grandparents getting Permanent Residence in Canada for 2017.

The draw/lottery is a new system that was introduced in Dec 2016. See details here.

In order to be eligible to sponsor, you must meet certain criteria:

• Be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident

• Currently living in Canada

• Over the age of 18

• Meet the minimum necessary income to sponsor

If you don't meet the minimum necessary income for PR sponsorship, other options include:

Super Visa (which lasts up to 10 years, renewing every 2 years)

Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) - for non visa-exempt countries which last for up to 5 years and gives visitor status up to 6 months each entry which can be extended from within Canada for an addition 6 months, every 6 month period.

For more information, refer to the Parental Sponsorship section of our website here

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