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Inadmissible to Canada: How to Overcome it

There are two types of Inadmissibility to Canada:

Individuals can be found to be inadmissible on the following grounds:

Criminal Inadmissibility

Medical Inadmissibility


Residency Obligation

Organized Crime (or ties to it)

Security Risk

Committed Human or International rights violations


Overcoming Inadmissibility

Criminal Inadmissibility:  Deemed Rehabilitation (more then 10 years have passed and only one offense that is non-serious criminality), Criminal Rehabilitation (more than 5 years have passed), TRP (temporary waiver to be granted along with a visitor visa, study permit, or work permit for if an individual that is not eligible for the other two).

Sponsoring a Spouse with Criminal Inadmissibility:   Read more here

Misrepresentation: Responding to a Procedural Fairness Letter (prior to receiving a 5 year ban) or filing a Judicial Review within 15 days (in Canada applicants) or 60 days (outside of Canada applicants) to challenge the 5-year ban after receiving one.

Sponsoring a Spouse with Misrepresentation ban:  Read more here


Medical Inadmissibility:  After a PR application is submitted and medical exam performed, IRCC will issue a Procedural Fairness Letter (PFL) to which a strong response must be submitted to overcome the inadmissibility. Nothing can be done before receiving the PFL letter)

Medical Inadmissibility on TRV visitior visa or Super Visa:  Re-apply again with the help of an immigration lawyer to address the issue, or applying for a TRP, depending on the circumstances.

Other Inadmissibility:  depending on the facts and nature of the inadmissibility some maybe overcome, while others may not.  Consult one of our Immigration Lawyers to provide an assessment.

Our Immigration Lawyers can help you with your Inadmissibility issue.  Contact us to speak with one of our lawyers to learn more.


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