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Refusal Rates for TRV, Study Permit, Work Permits

Visas do get refused.  Learn more about the reasons for refusal and how IRCC and the visa office reviews applications.  What options do I have after being refused?  Read more here

Refusal Rates for TRV visitor visas, Study Permits and Work Permit from visa-required countries

These statistics are for all visas processed by these visa offices for all individuals, and provided by IRCC.  Low approval rates are are result of the majority of individuals applying on their own without professional help.  Moreover, individuals tend to apply multiple times (2, 3 even 4 times) before retaining professional help which leads to lower statistics.  After an individual is refused once, any re-application made on their own will just lead to another refusal.  Professional help is required if you were refused once.


Matkowsky Immigration Law helps many individuals after refusals (often multiple refusals). Read our client feedback and reviews to see how we helped our clients.

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