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Global Talent Stream

Employers who are in high growth industries or wish to hire IT professionals can apply for work permits under the Global Talent Stream and benefit by two week expedited processing times.  This program was introduced to ensure companies can bring foreign workers to Canada quickly to meet the needs of their growing business.

Global Talent Stream Occupation List:

  • Computer and information systems managers  (NOC 0213)

  • Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)   (NOC 2147)

  • Mathematicians and statisticians  (*subset of NOC 2161)

  • Information systems analysts and consultants  (NOC 2171)

  • Database analysts and data administrators  (NOC 2172)

  • Software engineers and designers  (NOC 2173)

  • Computer programmers and interactive media developers  (NOC 2174)

  • Web designers and developers (NOC 2175)

  • Computer Network technicians (NOC 2281)

  • Information systems testing technicians  (2283)

  • Producer, technical, creative and artistic director and project manager – Visual effects and video game  (*subset of NOC 5131 and specific rules apply)

  • Digital Media and Design  (*subset of NOC 5241 and specific rules apply)

Wages for the Global Talent Stream


Employers are required to meet conditions relating to the payment of skilled workers. Foreign workers hired through the GTS must be paid at the prevailing wage or higher. The prevailing wage is defined as the highest figure of either: 

  • the median wage for the occupation on the Government of Canada's Job Bank;

  • the wage within the range an employer pays current employees in the same position at the same location, with the same skills and experience;

  • the minimum wage floor as defined in the Global Talent occupations list (if applicable).


Employers must pay a salary equal to the highest of either:

  • the wage that is within the wage range that the employer is paying current employees hired for the same job and work location, and with the same skills and years of experience; or;

  • the median wage on the Government of Canada's Job Bank. The median wage is listed by job title or National Occupational Classification (NOC) code in the middle column, by community or area in Canada's job bank.

Labour Market Benefits Plan

Employers looking to hire skilled workers through the Global Talent Stream are required to work with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to develop a Labour Market Benefits Plan. This plan outlines the positive benefits that foreign talent will bring to the Canadian labour market, and activities that the employer will undertake to encourage job creation, skills and training investments. 


Employers are required to commit to increasing investments in skills and training for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. 

In addition to the above mandatory benefits, employers are required to commit to two further complementary benefits, supported by defined activities. These benefits may include, but are not limited to, job creation, investment in skills and training, transferring knowledge to Canadian citizens and permanent residents, and/or improving company performance. Activities to support these benefits may include, but are not limited to, hiring more Canadian citizens or permanent residents, training current employees in new techniques, creating paid co-op or internship programs for local students, and/or increasing revenue and investments.

Work Permit Exemptions

Under the Global Talent Stream, two new categories of workers are now exempt from the requirement to obtain a work permit:

  • Highly-skilled workers in skill type 0 or skill level A occupations of the NOC may enter Canada to work for 15 days in a six-month period, or for 30 days in a 12-month period, without obtaining a work permit.

  • Researchers working on research projects at a publicly-funded degree-granting institution or affiliated research institution may come to Canada for 120 days in a 12-month period, without requiring a work permit.

Need Help?

To learn more about Global Talent Stream or assistance with applying for a work permit Contact us today.





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