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Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer: Experienced Immigration Law Firm handling complex cases

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

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Immigration Lawyers helping clients sponsor their husband, wife, common-law and conjugal partners for PR in Canada who have difficult and complex situations

Our law firm is a boutique law firm comprised of ten immigration lawyers who assist clients with complex immigration cases. Given the nature of the cases our firm handles, we do not employ any administrative assistants or paralegals who perform case work. Unlike other law firms, our clients will only work with immigration lawyers throughout the entire process and can be comforted to know that experienced immigration professionals are handling their case.

If your spousal sponsorship case is affected by refusal, inadmissibility, or ineligibility issues preventing sponsorship, our firm can help as this is our area of specialization.

Complex immigration cases we can help with include:

  • Spousal Sponsorship appeals at the IAD (Immigration Appeal Division)

  • Sponsorship Procedural Fairness Letters

  • Spouses who have Criminal Inadmissibility

  • Spouses who have been banned for Misrepresentation and are inadmissible for 5 years

  • Spouses who are living in Canada and do not currently have status

  • Canadian sponsor is ineligible to sponsor due to: » Past Criminal offence » Not meeting the residency requirement » Outstanding 3-year undertaking from sponsoring a previous spouse » Existing 5-year waiting period from being previously sponsored themselves

  • Previously undeclared family members on a past PR application who are now inadmissible and cannot be sponsored

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Please contact our law firm to speak with one of our immigration lawyers and learn how we can help sponsor your spouse for permanent residence in Canada.

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