Minimum Necessary Income for Family Sponsorship

To sponsor Family Members, sponsors MUST meet or exceed the Minimum Necessary Income Level (MNI)

This requirement is to ensure sponsors are able to financially support the family members they wish to sponsor and bring to Canada.

The minimum necessary income required varies, depending on the number of family members you support in Canada, the number of family members you wish to sponsor, and where you live (Quebec or the other Canadian provinces).

For all Provinces except Quebec:

To be eligible to sponsor your Parents or Grandparents, you MUST exceed the MNI for each of the last 3 years.  If applying in 2020, your income in 2019, 2018 and 2017 must exceed the corresponding MNI for those years. Each income year must be matched with the MNI year.

Please Note: The MNI & Income matching is always using numbers starting from 1 year before the actual year you are applying since there is a delay in processing tax returns. 

To be eligible to sponsor all other family members besides parents and grandparents, your income for the one previous year must exceed the MNI for the previous year.  You only are required to exceed the MNI for the most recent year and not for the 3 previous years as the case with sponsoring parents and grandparents. If applying in 2020, this would be 2019 income and MNI.

The MNI is calculated as the LICO (Lower Income Cut-off)  PLUS 30%.

Quebec MNI used for applying in 2020:

Sponsors living in Quebec must meet a different set of MNI requirements.  In order to be eligible to sponsor, you must have income in the previous 12 months greater than the required income calculated by the tables below.

Minimum Necessary Income tables for 2020:


PLUS the table below for ​the appropriate number of family members you wish to sponsor

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