Immigration Appeals at IAD and Litigation at Federal Court

Sonia Matkowsky (Akilov), J.D., BA (Honours)

Senior Immigration Lawyer

Sonia has extensive experience with Immigration Appeals, Judicial Review and litigation at Federal Court.  Her most recent cases are:

Federal Court of Canada:


Toki v. Canada (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship), FC 606 (CanLII)


Gill v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), FC 792 (CanLII)

Nookala v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), FC 1019 (CanLII)


Judicial Review cases that were settled, instead of litigated in Federal Court :

The vast majority of our cases that are submitted for the Judicial Review / Federal Court process reach settlement with Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada and do not require to be heard in Federal Court.  Our firm pro-actively negotiates for settlement with the lawyer representing IRCC which results is faster resolution and fewer fees incurred by a client. Ultimately, the same outcome is reached whether it is settled or heard in Federal Court; the original application is sent back to IRCC for review by a different officer, along with specific instructions to not refuse on the points argued in the Judicial Review.  As part of the settlement, the terms are "without prejudice" to IRCC, therefore, our firm is not permitted to publicly post these cases, unlike the cases heard in Federal Court and the Immigration Appeal Division.

A sample of a settlement offer can be reviewed here:  Settlement Offer

Immigration Appeals (Spousal Sponsorship and Residency):

Olomola  v  Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), 14904 (CA IRB)

Tauqir  v  Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), 05813 (CA IRB)

Balakrishnan v Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), 02251E (CA IRB)

Patel v Canada (Citizenship and Immigration),  CanLII 42171 (CA IRB)

Mahil v Canada (Citizenship and Immigration),  CanLII 104845 (CA IRB)

Chander v Canada (Citizenship and Immigration),  CanLII 78733 (CA IRB)

Sidhu v Canada (Citizenship and Immigration),  CanLII 83836 (CA IRB)

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