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Largest Express Entry Draw of all time: 75 CRS, 27,332 ITAs

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Express Entry Draw Score

In a very surprising event today, IRCC has selected 27,332 people in the Express Entry Draw and invited them to apply for Permanent Residence. All of these candidates have Canadian work experience are consider part of the CEC (Canadian Experience Class). This draw size is almost 6 times! the normal draw size. The result of selecting this many people in one draw is lowering the CRS score down to 75! and clearing out the queue in the Express Entry pool. All individuals who had a CRS score of 75 and higher who are CEC candidates will receive an ITA. Previously, the CRS score has remained primarily in the 460+ range for the last few years, aside from a temporary drop in the CRS score last year to 431 for CEC candidates when COVID-19 lockdowns started.

IRCC has done this unprecedented move to both help individuals remain in Canada as a permanent resident, and also meet the increased immigration target for 2021. IRCC has implemented many accommodative policies for individuals in Canada as a way of dealing with the challenges many people face due to COVID-19.

What will happen next? This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. By clearing out 27,332 people from the EE pool, the next draw will see a CRS score in the 440 range and will include individuals from both CEC and more importantly also FSW (Federal Skilled Worker class for people with foreign work experience). Individuals who only have foreign work experience (most of which are outside Canada), should take this opportunity and create an Express Entry profile as soon as possible (this week!). Express Entry has a time priority feature, as well as scoring priority. The sooner an individual enters the Express Entry pool, they will benefit by time priority and rank ahead anyone in the pool with the same score who enters the pool afterwards.

Following a few more draws in the future, the CRS score is likely to increase back up to 460+ and normalize.

To be a good candidate to obtain PR

Aside from this temporary opportunity of a low CRS score, in order to have the required score of 460+ once things normalize, most individuals need to come to Canada as a student or obtain a work permit to immigrate to Canada. In most cases, a foreign worker must be sponsored by a Canadian company to obtain a work permit which is challenging. However, there are a couple work permits that do not require sponsorship, such as a working holiday visa or an individual buying a business in Canada and obtaining an Owner Operator Work Permit to manage their own business.

Individuals who study or work in Canada earn between 55 and 125 additional points more than an individual from outside Canada. It has now reached a point where no individual can apply for PR from outside Canada without having Canadian schooling or Canadian work experience. However, as discussed above, this may change in future draws. This has yet to be determined.

The ideal candidate under Express Entry has a score of at least 460+. To calculate your Express Entry score, use our Express Entry CRS Calculator.

If you are unsure of your eligibility to apply, we can provide a professional assessment and evaluate your immigration options.

Contact us today, we can help you make Canada home.

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