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Parental Draw Results for 2019 are Released!

The long awaited Parental Sponsorship Draw results were released today. In total 27,000 individuals will be invited to sponsors their parents who entered the first-come first-served draw in January.

The Parental Sponsorship has been a much debated program over the last 3 yeas as IRCC has changed the format and requirements over and over. The latest change for 2019, introduced a first-come first-served model, which is probably the least equitable format it has ever been. Consensus is that a large number of individuals were not even displayed a button on the IRCC website to access the webform when the draw opened. Voters need to replace the individuals responsible for the mismanagement of the program and have more knowledgeable representatives restructure the program, for the 4th time.

Emails from IRCC will only be sent to individuals who are invited to apply. No correspondence will be sent to those who were not invited. Please ensure to check your junk / spam folder in order to not miss the invite email. Individuals who received an invite will only have 60 days to submit a complete application package (deadline is June 28, 2019). IRCC is using an oddly long email address to send out invitations which may get flagged as spam.

Individuals can also manually check if they were invited to apply using the following link here. The confirmation number that was sent when entering the parental draw must be provided to find your entry.

If you were fortunate enough to be selected and would like professional help applying, please contact Matkowsky Immigration Law at 1.416.848.7576. Our firm has extensive experience helping individuals with this type of application.

Best wishes and Good Luck to all!

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