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Parental Sponsorship: 2nd Round Draw Results for 2018 Released

The IRCC announced draw results today to individuals wishing to sponsor their parents for PR in Canada. In order to receive an invitation, an individual must have entered the draw between January and February in 2018. If you did not, you will have to enter the draw in 2019.

If you were fortunate to receive an invitation, the IRCC will send you an email to the one provided when submitting your interest to sponsor. A confirmation code would have been provided at that time.

Individuals can perform a search to see if they have been selected using this link. You will need to provide your confirmation number.

If you lost your confirmation number, you can use this link here to submit an inquiry and should receive a response within 10 business days.

Individuals who were invited to apply and sponsor their parents only have 60 days to submit a completed application.

If you would like retain a lawyer to help prepare and submit an application, please contact our firm at 1.416.848.7576.

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