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Express Entry: CRS score down to 441. 3,611 ITAs issued.

The trend continues with the CRS score declining yet again to 441. The Canadian government invited 3,611 people to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada in this latest draw.

It is our belief that the scores will decline further to 435 before plateauing.

We encourage potential candidates to apply soon to take advantage of these low CRS scores- the lowest in over a year.

If you have skilled work experience and would like to calculate your CRS score to see if you would be a strong candidate for PR, use our Express Entry CRS Calculator.

Candidates with CRS scores above 435 would be excellent candidates for PR under Federal Skilled Worker or Federal Skilled Trade category. If you are interested in applying for Permanent Residence in Canada under one of these categories, please contact us for assistance.

If you have a score below 430, you still may be eligible for PR under a PNP program. The Ontario PNP program re-opened on Feb 21st, 2017. Candidates with a score above 400, who have a Bachelors degree or Masters degree, and IELTS score of 6 or higher in all four areas are eligible to apply. There is a quota of 2500, so contact us soon to help you apply before the quota if filled.

The decrease in the CRS cut-off score in recent months is due to a rule change announced in November, 2016. This change has shifted favour to foreigners who have higher education and language skills over foreigners working in Canada with relatively lower skills.

Another contributing factor is the increasing number of ITAs being issued at each successive draw. This is reducing the size of the candidate pool, leaving candidates with lower scores to remain in the pool who are selected at future draws, effectively lowering the CRS score.

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