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January 25th: Express Entry draw breaks yet ANOTHER record: 3,508 ITAs

For the 4th draw in a row, the Canadian government selected a record breaking number of candidates to apply for permanent residence in Canada. In today's draw, 3,508 candidates were issued

ITAs (Invitation to Apply), each having a CRS (Comprehensive Ranking Score) of 453 and above.

The number of candidates selected in each draw has continually increased since July, 2016- from 750 ITAs to the current level above 3,000. Express entry CRS scores are declining over the same period, making it easier for candidates to be selected for permanent residence.

A recent change to CRS scoring rules took effect on Nov 19th. One of the rule changes has shifted favour to foreigners outside of Canada with higher education and language skills over foreigners working in Canada (with a work permit) who have comparatively lower education and language skills. The previous CRS rules awarded 600 points to foreign workers in Canada who have an LMIA with an approved job offer. These 600 points that previously were awarded, guaranteed PR for foreigners in Canada who had a job with an LMIA. Currently, with the new CRS rules, only 50 - 200 points are awarded versus the 600 points previously. Most candidates with a LMIA and job offer will now only receive 50 additional points. To receive 200 points, a candidate must have a job in a Senior Management role, specifically one in the (NOC 00) list of jobs. This rule change has made the Express Entry selection system more equitable and it directly benefits foreigners outside of Canada wishing to apply for PR.

With record numbers of candidates being selected, CRS scores declining, and a rule change to benefit educated and fluent English speakers, it is the most opportune time to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

To see how you would score in Express Entry, use our Express Entry CRS points Calculator. If you have a CRS score above 420, please contact us for assistance in applying for PR through Express Entry.

Processing time to get PR via Express Entry is 6 months once you receive an ITA.

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