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Canada welcomes you to immigrate to our country

Are you a citizen of one of the countries affected by the travel and immigration ban issued by President Trump.  Find out more on the executive order here.

Citizens from these countries below ARE ALLOWED in Canada, but NOT allowed to enter the United States now.

  • Iraq

  • Syria

  • Iran

  • Libya

  • Sudan

  • Yemen

  • Somolia

Canada is a multicultural country that welcomes people from all over the world.  We have international students that come to Canada to study, work, receive Permanent Resident status and become Canadian Citizens.  Last year, Canada admitted 200,000 international students.


Immigrate to Canada

Canada also grants Permanent Residence to Educated people who speak English and have Professional job experience.   If you or your spouse have at least a Bachelors degree, 1 year of Professional Work Experience and speak English well, you are a perfect candidate for Canadian Permanent Residence.  


The quickest way to get PR is through Express Entry system, where candidates are granted PR within 6 months of being selected.  Last year Canada welcomed 300,000 people and granted them PR.  For 2017, Canada has increased the number of Express entry candidates that will receive Permanent Residence.

Study in Canada

If you wish to study in Canada, once you get accepted to Canadian school, we can help you get a Student Visa.  You will also be allowed to work 20 hrs a week while you study.  And, if you are married, we can get your spouse an Open Work Permit so they can work anywhere in Canada in any job while you study. When you graduate from a 2 year program or longer, we can help you get a 3 year Post Graduation Work Permit allowing you to work in Canada in any job. And once you have Canadian work experience, you will have enough points to apply for PR under Express Entry.



Visit Canada


Canada welcomes millions of tourists each year to visit friends and family and to explore our great country. If you require a visitor visa (TRV or eTA), we can help you obtain one of these visas.

If you are interested in studying, immigrating or visiting, we are here to help you make Canada home. Contact us today.






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