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Typical end of year decline: 2,000 ITAs issued with 458 CRS

In the latest Express Entry draw today, the number of ITAs issued declined to 2,000 resulting in the highest CRS score in over a year. This is the usual trend for Express Entry; the IRCC selects a greater number of candidates at the beginning of the year compared to the end of the year. This corresponds with the trend in ITAs and CRS scores- higher number of ITAs and lower CRS scores. This practice by the IRCC is to ensure the quota for landed immigrants for the year is met. The over-selection of candidates at the start of the year is to accommodate the refused applications that will occur during the year. Some candidates attempt to go through the process on their own without the assistance of an immigration firm and are often refused.

With the new year approaching, it is a good time to start the process if you are considering to immigrate to Canada. If the usual trend persists, the IRCC will begin selecting larger number of candidates at the beginning of the year, resulting in much lower CRS scores. Last year saw a new CRS low of 413. With the quota for 2018 being 5% higher than 2017 (80,000 for this year under Express Entry), the pattern in CRS scores from last year will likely repeat in 2018.

Start the immigration process now without delay- it can between 2 to 3 months to enter the candidate pool. Get into the pool before the start of 2018 to be selected!

To calculate your Express Entry score, use our Express Entry CRS Calculator. Candidates with a score of at least 400 points are strong candidates and encouraged to apply. If you don't score enough points, you may be eligible to apply to a PNP program based on an In-Demand Occupation. Candidates who are granted a PNP nomination are awarded 600 points to add to their Express Entry score, guaranteeing to be selected to apply for PR. If you are currently not eligible to apply or not a strong candidate based on a low CRS score, you may consider studying in Canada as a pathway to PR.

If you are unsure of your eligibility to apply, we can provide a free assessment and evaluate your immigration options. Contact us today and we can help you make Canada home.

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